Spiritual Healing

Healing, is a change in state. From sickness to health.
Get a healing for your ailements...mental, emotional or physical .
When spiri is healed, it turn heals the body.

How does spiritual healing affect the body?
Our spiritual aspect, like the Psychic Centers (or Chakras) are "wirelessly" connected to the physical body, via the ductless glands and Autonomic nervous system.
A change in one, "spiritual" or "physical", affects.

What kind of healings do you offer?
Aura Heaking, Chakra Balancing, Spiritual Healing focussed on a specific issue and Male-Energy healing for men.

Aura Healing + Chakra Balancing (15min session):
Consider this an "oil change" for your spiritual aspect.
So one may get such healing regularly on a periodic basis - quaterly or more depending on a person's life situation and stress levels.
Where relavant there might be a short communication, otherwise the session is mostly about Healing (and not a Clairvoyant Reading).

Spiritual Healing
(30min session):
This Clairvoyant healing focuses mostly on specific ailment the person has.....mental, emotional or physical. A short Clairvoyant Read usually accompanies the session.
Many healing modalities are deployed depending on the individual's situation.....namely Christ Force, Cobalt and Cell level healings, to name a few.
This healing may span one or more sessions, depending on the individual's specfic situation.

Male-Energy Healing (20min session)
Of the many energies, Male energy is a spiritual energy unique to that man's body (women have their own female energy channel).
In this healing, clear blockes and foreign energy that interfere.

How do I schedule a Healing?
For more information about scheduling an appointment click here.