Soulfountain, is an ackowlegement and reminder, of fountains of wisdom that gushed into many cultures, of many lands in the history of this planet.
It is also a reminder, of our own connection to a wellspring of wisdom, deep within the core of our being.

The many processes we go though, and the many paths we travel.....gets us closer to this wellspring within.
Leading, us to embody this wisdom, more and more, in our everyday life.
Unembodied, what use is this wisdom, floating out there somewhere in the Astral planes?

The first step in this process is developing Awarenes.
Then expanding it, to See more...and more.
Especially, spiritually Seeing, oneself - See who we are, and who we are not.
This ability to See, especialy see ourselves, is the true definition of Clairvoyance.

This journey, will be as simple or complicated as one will make it.
The spiritual knowledge and tools one gathers along, support one's personal quest.

An image of a Rose, is used here as a metaphor, reminder and a tool. A metaphor for an immortal Soul and it's process, as it navigates it's journey, life after life.
It is for it's purposes, this Soul a spiritual Being materialises and occupies a human Body.

The above notion, is the premise for this work.
You is are a spiritual being occuping a human body.
The goal.... is to embody and bring to concious awareness, what you already know as a spiritual being.

soul fountain

The many streams of Wisdom

Spiritual wisdom on this planet is Ageless.
In the history of this planet, there has been many streams that permeated the cultures of many lands, at different times.
They found expression in the many spiritual movements of their times.
Many a instutions taught this wisdom in a structured curriculum.
This in modern vocabulary, many refer to it as, Mystery schools.
They were schools of Wisdom, unveiling mysteries of a Human, Nature and our Universe.

Such Mystery schools existed in many lands, by many names, during diffrent times. These Wisdom schools flourished from Ancient India, Persia, Egypt to Greece.
Schools in Ancient Egypt is said to have flourished as early as 3000 BC.
Ancient Dravidian cultures, the indegenous people of modern India, also had such schools. The Wisdom of the Mystics and Sages called Siddhars, were thriving during the Sangam time period of the erstwhile continent of Lemuria or Kumari Kandam in Tamil language.
During this era, “science” of the day and “spirituality” worked hand in hand.
There was a unity in diversity.

According to Tamil scholars, Kumari Kandam (in the "Feminine" phase) was thriving around 50,0000 BC. However since then, most of the continent sank, and the natives did migrate to other parts of the world.
What is left of the land now is modern day Sri Lanka and the southern India.
In the recent years a joint exploration team of American and Sri Lankan archealogists discoverd evidence of a land sunk in Indian Ocean, with it remains of an ancient civilidation. They were determined to be remanents of an ancient Dravidian civilisation dating back to over 32,000 years ago.

Of the many streams of wisdom, one stream travelled from East to West in the form of Mysticism - in which "Science" and "Spirtuality" were not at conflict with each other.....instead they complimented each other.
A personality who lit the flame in this particular path was a man generally known as Christian Rosenreutz. The teenager from Th├╝ringhen, Germany was first trained by the Sufi Mystics of Damascus, Syria. Where he was trained in the topics of Mysticism and Mathematics, Physics and Chenistry/Alchemy.
From here he was sent to Fez, Morocco where he was trained trained by Cabala Orders. After this he passed through many centers of learning in Egypt and other lands.
Back in Germany, in the early 1400s, he developed his own brand of Mysticism, from the knowldge he had assimilated in his travels.
This was later known as Rosicrucianism.

Christian Rosenkreutz, is supposed to have reappeared in history many times, by diffrent names, over the last several hundred years.
One of his known presense was as Count St. Germain, during which he was seen instrumental in inspiring the founding of United States of America.
Count St. Germain spent five years in Eckernf├Ârde, north Germany until 1784.
His persistant appeareance in history had earned him the name "the man who never dies".

The Rosicrucian movement provided foundaton education in spirituality and esoteric concepts, for many and influenced many other movements.
One such Rosicrucian, Lewis Bostwick founded the Berkley Psychic Institute (BPI) in Berkley, California in the early 1970s to train Psychics.
Lewis drew from his prior training as a Mystic, by both a Rosicrucian Order and a Masonic Order in United States.
In the 45 odd years, Berkley Psychic Institute taught many thousand Psychics from every walk of lif. Including Doctors, Lawyers, Housewives to Computer programmers.
By now BPI has spawned many Psychic Training schools in United States and world over.

While the form and format of this kind of spiritual education may vary across lands and institutions, the basic premise remains the same - exploration and discovery of an individual’s spiritual nature.