Mikki Mann

Mikki has been Teaching, doing Psychic Readings and Spiritual Healing since 2007.
He has taught classes and workshops in United States, Canada and Germany.
Mikki has been designing and developeing Software since the early 90s. The, seeming, opposition of Science and Spirituality is man-made myth.

At 15, Mikki voraciously consumed a small book of Zen Koans found in the school library in Chennai, India. That was the beginning of going within, for answers.
Zen was followed by Pranayama, a training to direct breath and Life Force.

In U.S., there was a trsyt with Buddhist Samatha-Vipassana meditation, Neuro-Linguistic-Programming and other practices.
After this Mikki settled on Psychic Development as a way of going within, to find answers.

When not pondering the nature of reality, Mikki tinkers with Loops to make music on his Mac, loves Singing, Photographing and recently started to learn to paint with Acrylic colours.

Mikki currently lives in north Germany.
He can be contacted by emailing, mikki@soulfountain.org


Pranayama (Awareness of Prana, the Life Force), 1996
Art of Living Foundation, Chennai, India

Core Transformation, Neuro Linguistic Programming (3 days), 2003
Connirae Andreas, Boulder, Colorado

Clairvoyant Training Program (3 years), 2004 - 2007
Psychic Horizons Center, Colorado
   - Meditation 1 / Psychic Tools
   - Clairvoyant Program
   - Spiritual Healing
   - Male Energy course
   - Advanced Clairvoyant Training / "peeling the onion"
   - Male/Female Communication
   - Spiritual Teacher's Training
   - Spiritual Counselling/Minister's Training

Male Energy (3 months), 2008
Aesceplion Intuitive Training, California

Transmedium program (1 year), 2008
Aesceplion Intuitive Training, California